Ballroom & Latin training sessions online with Zoom webinars

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Ballroom & Latin Webinars

Join our Ballroom and Latin training sessions streamed live on Saturday afternoons from Star Ballroom in Melbourne as webinars on Zoom.

  • Streamed live from Star Ballroom
  • Starts Saturday 3pm for three hours
  • Maintains privacy – only see presenter
  • Can watch later with on-demand video

Ballroom & Latin training sessions online using Zoom webinars

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What is the time-table?

The sessions start on Saturday as follows:

Can I watch webinar later?

The webinars are available on-demand so that anyone who registers, live participants and those who can’t make the live webinar time, can watch the training sessions later at their convenience.

What is the cost?

Get all this the affordable price of $10. That’s great value for money.

How do I register?

Register for the webinar here by following the link here

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We are hold for the moment due to stage 4 restrictions in Victoria. Contact us, let us know your email and we will let you know when we are back. Until then, please all keep safe.

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    Your coaches

    Join Matt Rooke and Karla Gerbes in their Zoom webinars where they live stream Ballroom and Latin training sessions online from Star Ballroom in Melbourne. They are DanceSport champions and fully-qualified competitive Ballroom and Latin dance coaches.

    Watch examples of our

    Is my privacy protected?

    Our webinars via Zoom only show us in class and not other webinar participants. So your privacy is completely protected.

    We are hold for the moment due as we get settled with our baby boy.
    Contact us, let us know your email and we will let you know when we are back.

    Examples of our Ballroom and Latin training sessions online

    We are hold for the moment due as we get settled with our baby boy.
    Contact us, let us know your email and we will let you know when we are back.

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    Examples of online Ballroom training sessions with Matt Rooke

    Watch an example of Matt demonstrate the techniques and mechanics that go into Ballroom dancing as part of the Ballroom and Latin webinars via Zoom.

    Coming soon

    Examples of online Latin training sessions with Karla Gerbes

    Watch an example of Karla work on mechanics and techniques in Latin American dancing while dancing solo in a small floor area as part of the Ballroom and Latin webinars via Zoom.

    Coming soon

    Examples of a Pilates and stretching sessions online with Karla and Matt

    Watch an example of Karla Gerbes and Matt Rooke holding a live stream Pilates and Stretching session online as part of their Ballroom and Latin webinars via Zoom. This type of exercise helps build core strength and flexibility for competitive Ballroom dancing.

    Coming soon

    All about the Ballroom and Latin training sessions online via webinars

    We are hold for the moment due as we get settled with our baby boy.
    Contact us, let us know your email and we will let you know when we are back.

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    What is in the Webinars?

    Each weekly webinar will live stream the three sections of our ‘Ballroom & Latin Training Sessions.’ You will be able to clearly hear and see the teacher and students taking part in the classes in the studio.

    The program is as follows:

    • Ballroom class with Matt Rooke from 3pm
    • Pilates & Stretching class with Karla Gerbes at 4pm
    • Latin class with Karla Gerbes at 5pm

    The dances covered in Ballroom are Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot & Quickstep. The dances covered in Latin are Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, & Jive.

    Learn theory and get practical in developing your skills and attributes like such as:

    • Frame and posture
    • Lead, connection and control
    • Line, direction and Floor craft
    • Syllabus (dance figures) and technique
    • Styling, expression and musicality
    • Flexibility, strength and stamina

    Learn theory of Ballroom & Latin

    You can simply sit, watch and listen to the live stream. This will allow you to easily study the webinar and learn the theory behind Ballroom and Latin dancing. You will get to learn from the syllabus and list of dance figures and technique as well as more advanced choreography. You can then look to apply this theory to your next practice or discuss with your coach in your next lesson.

    Practical Ballroom & Latin skills

    If you have the space available, during the webinars you can practice in real-time with the participants in the live classes. This will help you build flexibility, strength and stamina as well as frame, posture, styling, expression and musicality.

    Join any or all of these classes

    These webinars will enable you to virtually take part in the classes in whatever way suits you best, in whatever space you have available. You can do all of this on your phone, tablet, laptop or stream it to your TV screen.

    What is involved in the training

    We welcome all levels of dancers to the online training in the Ballroom and Latin webinars via Zoom. Beginners, intermediate and/or experienced dancers will gain from our sessions valuable information that will help you improve your dancing.

    Online training with us requires very little. Find out what we recommend for the following sessions:


    What is the cost?

    These professional features from Zoom come at a cost.
    So we need to charge a small fee to cover this cost.

    • Cost $10AUD per device
    • Pay via PayPal or Credit Card

    We have kept the price affordable and good value for money.

    How to register?

    Go to the webinar link here and follow the instructions

    Do you pay when you register?

    Yes. You will be sent to a PayPal link that enables you to pay with your PayPal account or credit card.

    If you do not have Zoom, you be prompted to install Zoom?

    If it’s on your laptop or desktop you can join without the zoom app, via the web browser

    Do you need to register with Zoom to register for the webinar.


    Can I use the same link every week?

    The same link will be used for each webinar that you purchase

    Why use Zoom Webinars? What are the advantages?

    There are four main reasons for choosing this system

    • It is a proven and accepted online service
    • Zoom allows us to easily and reliable stream our classes in real-time
    • Does not allow other participants to be seen so maintains your privacy
    • Can watch the webinar later with on-demand video

    Coming soon

    Use your phone to do Matt Rooke and Karla Gerbes ballroom and latin training sessions online

    Coming soon

    Use your laptop to do Matt Rooke and Karla Gerbes ballroom and latin training sessions online

    What do I need to do Ballroom and Latin training using these webinars?

    We are hold for the moment due as we get settled with our baby boy.
    Contact us, let us know your email and we will let you know when we are back

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    Ballroom training

    All levels of Ballroom dancers are welcome. It is important for dancers of all levels to keep working on the fundamentals.

    Within the classes there are drills, exercises and movements that can be done in a limited space. The design of the lessons is to help you improve technique and movement that will flow through into your own dancing routine. Matt explains concepts like position and sway to improve the understanding and skill of a Ballroom dancer at any level.

    For the lesson, it’s ok to dance in regular dancewear or active wear. Spacewise, the exercises are suited to dancing in a small space, around 4m x 4m. If you have more space, that’s even better. Any floor can work – timber, carpet, tiles. As with Latin, what footwear to use (dance shoes or socks) depends on the surface you have. Please test out your floor before you start dancing, to make sure it’s neither too slippery nor too sticky/grippy.

    Watch a Ballroom class example with Matt.

    Latin training

    All levels of Latin dancers are welcome to join the training. Some students have managed to get their family to join in! Whether beginner or experienced dancer, you will be able to take away some information to improve your dancing.

    In the sessions, Karla is working on mechanics and techniques of Latin American dancing suited to dancing solo in a small amount of space.

    Any outfit is fine, even pyjamas if you like! The larger the space the better, but whatever you have available is fine. Latin shoes are good if you are dancing on floorboards or smooth, bare surfaces, but if you have a carpeted area you will find it easier to dance in socks.

    Watch a Latin Class example with Karla.

    Pilates and stretching

    All dancers, Latin or Ballroom ,are welcome to join the Pilates and stretching sessions each weeknight. Non-dancers are welcome too, so let your friends and family know about the class. If you are new to Pilates and have any injuries or medical conditions, please discuss with your health practitioner before joining the session.

    Karla continues on from the theme of the dance lesson, trying to strengthen and stretch the same muscles required in the dance class.

    To be comfortable an exercise mat is best but, again, if you are on carpet this is also fine. You can, if you wish, bring a towel to fold and pop under your knees for some padding. Clothes you can move freely in are recommended. You really don’t need much room – even 2m x 2m will do – so there’s no excuse not to work on your core strength.

    Watch a Pilates & Stretching with Matt and Karla.

    About Matt Rooke & Karla Gerbes

    Since retiring from competing Matt and Karla are based in Melbourne, Australia. They teach and adjudicate within Australia and Asia. Matt also runs competitions within Australia.

    Both Matt and Karla are passionate about developing quality in movement for their students and inspiring everyone, no matter what their skill level, to grow their dancing.

    Find out more about Matt Rooke or Karla Gerbes

    Why provide dance instruction online

    It is important for coaches like us to play our part in keeping everyone motivated and interested in dancing. We hope our low-cost service will help:

    • Create new and maintain current interest in competitive dancing
    • Allow dancers who get high level training at an affordable price

    We feel it’s important we help dancers to stay connected, involved and inspired. Hopefully we bring some happiness to their day!

    Why provide online Ballroom and Latin training?

    We are hold for the moment due as we get settled with our baby boy.
    Contact us, let us know your email and we will let you know when we are back

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    Moving to online training

    The need to move to online training was seen only shortly before social distancing measures were implemented in Australia. Matt and Karla knew students wanted to keep working on their dancing and they very much wanted to continue teaching so online training was the best way to achieve this.

    Matt and Karla started self-isolating from Monday, March 16 2020, which ended up being only one week before all dance studios in Australia closed their doors. They weren’t so worried about getting the virus, but very concerned that they could unknowingly pass it on to their students. Dance studios are such busy, social places, full of different people every day, and they have close contact with many students. They didn’t want to be responsible for anyone coming to harm.

    Teaching the same concepts in a whole new way

    Like many, Matt and Karla’s ability to work had been impacted during this time, but they continued to take some students for private lessons over a video chat platform. They also received some contributions – for which they are very grateful – from students who participate in the online Ballroom and Latin training.

    Adapting classes for students of all levels in small spaces

    At first Matt and Karla found it quite challenging, as they knew most people are participating from home in a small space. They realised that while that initially felt restrictive, there was no shortage of topics that would be important to cover.

    Reaching out and teaching the world

    Matt and Karla found it a great challenge to produce content that flows from lesson to lesson to help students build on what they had learnt, all the time in a limited space. The Pilates component helped to reinforce what muscles are being used in the lesson, plus maintain and build muscle tone.

    We have all got to learning together

    You don’t learn to dance in one day, and you certainly don’t learn to teach online in one day either. Matt and Karla were hard at work reviewing lessons to see what works best, dancing and counting at the same time until they are out of breath, and learning all about the technology that goes into producing a high quality live stream with limited time and resources. They learnt a lot and had a bunch of fun developing their brand and website along the way.

    Thanking our students

    Matt and Karla are thankful to their students who helped optimise internet speed and connection, taught them how to set up sound equipment, gave advice for filming on phones and provided feedback on what worked best in online training.

    Supporting our channel

    For now if you wish to help Matt and Karla can be contacted via email, on Facebook or you can send a message for bank or PayPal details. They recognise its a bit of a long winded process and may look into other methods in the future.

    Feedback from students

    Matt and Karla love hearing from all the dancers who are joining in for lessons. They were blown away to hear from a past student who now lives in America. Matt shared, “I thought it was just amazing that someone on the other side of the world was dancing with us via our live stream. It was even more special that her daughter, who has never danced before, was also taking part. We wanted to keep dancers involved and motivated but never thought that it would inspire people to start dancing!”

    Karla was so pleased with the response to the training saying ” I’ve had lots of positive messages from students and strangers thanking me for the training and encouraging me to keep it up”.

    Matt and Karla heard about the difficult emotional and financial times the live stream dancers were going through. They were so happy and grateful to be able to take part at no cost. It helped them keep motivated and learn a lot.

    About Matt Rooke – DanceSport Champion

    We are hold for the moment due as we get settled with our baby boy.
    Contact us, let us know your email and we will let you know when we are back.

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    All about Matt

    Matthew “Matt” Rooke is the 12 times Australian Ballroom Champion, representing Australia at world championships on multiple occasions. International accomplishments include:

    • Asian Pacific Champion
    • WDC World Cup Finalist
    • WDC World Championship, British Open (Blackpool), UK Open and International Championship Professional Open Ballroom Semi Finalist
    • British Open and UK Open Professional Rising Star Ballroom Finalist.
    • Twice was representative for Team Australasia at the Professional Invitation Teams Match at the British Open (Blackpool) Dance Festival
    • 2018 Team Captain of Team Australasia at the Professional Invitation Teams Match at the British Open (Blackpool) Dance Festival

    Matt’s teaching background

    Matt started teaching in Wagga Wagga at the end of 1999. His experience is extensive and he holds the highest coaching qualification – Elite Coach (Level 3) – available for the Standard Style under DanceSport Australia’s accreditation program. Matt is able to provide highly skilled coaching for dancers competing in all divisions (Recreational, Amateur or Professional). Matt has turned his focus from his own dancing to helping his students full-time. The hard work and passion Matt is known for is poured into sharing experience, creating opportunities for learning and giving students support to excel.

    Matt’s dancing background

    Matt began dancing in his home town of Wagga Wagga at age 11. By the time he reached 16 he decided to pursue dancing as a career. At age 24, after winning two Australian Open Amateur titles, he moved to London with the goal of taking his dancing to an international level. For 11 years he travelled around the world to learn from the best teachers and compete against a talented field. Retired from competition since 2015, his time is now devoted to teaching and coaching. When Matt was asked what motivates him, he replied, “I want to help lift the level of dancing in Australia and train a couple to be better than I was, to achieve even greater results than I did.”

    Matt’s best memory from competing

    There have been two very special competition moments in Matt’s career. The first was in 2001 when he won the Australian Open Amateur Ballroom title for the first time. He says that being called out as the winner after all the years of work was just amazing!

    Matt has a second best moment!

    The second moment was the first time being announced into the Semi-Final, which means you are in the top 12 of the Professional Open Ballroom at the British Open (Blackpool) Dance Festival in 2009. This is like Wimbledon for dancers. For Matt, achieving that result out of over 300 of the best couples in the world, was unbelievable. He says it felt like confirmation he had made it to the international scene at the highest level. “When you hear your name announced for the semi-final,” he says, “You take all the excitement and exhilaration you feel and pour it immediately into your performance on the floor”.

    Although Matt achieved both of these results on numerous occasions thereafter, he says it’s always the first time that is unforgettable.

    About Karla Gerbes – DanceSport Champion

    We are hold for the moment due as we get settled with our baby boy.
    Contact us, let us know your email and we will let you know when we are back.

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    All about Karla

    Karla Gerbes is a multiple Australian and National Professional Latin Champion, representing Australia on multiple occasions at both World and Asia Pacific Championships.

    Accomplishments include:

    • Champion of all major Professional Latin Championships in Australia
    • Twice British Open (Blackpool) Professional Rising Star Latin Finalist
    • Representative for Team Australasia at the Professional Invitation Teams Match at the British Open (Blackpool) Dance Festival

    Karla’s teaching background

    Karla started teaching Latin dancing at the age of 20 after entering the Professional division. In this same year she completed her Clinical Pilates Instructor qualification in Melbourne. The understanding of Pilates has helped immensely in both her competitive and teaching career. Karla has found a great passion for passing on to her students all the knowledge she has gained over the years. She believes coaches have a critical role in providing support and guidance to students.

    Karla’s dancing background

    Karla started out with Calisthenics (resistance-based exercise performed to music) at the age of four. When she was eight years old, her Mum decided she should give Ballroom dancing a try, which she remembers being very unhappy about! That said, after one class she had already made her mind up that there was nothing else in the world that she wanted to do more.

    Learning and competing in DanceSport filled Karla’s teenage and adult years. She entered the Professional division at the age of 20, spending many years travelling around the world competing at the top level and learning from the best teachers in Ballroom dancing. Karla chose to retire after a great result during the British Open Championships at Blackpool in 2018. Her focus has now shifted to coaching students in Latin dancing, performance and Pilates, which she finds very rewarding.

    Karla’s best memory from competing

    Karla says, “My best moment was when I made the final of the British Open (Blackpool) Professional Rising Star Latin for the second time in 2016 and finished in 4th place. As Matt said, this competition is so prestigious in the dancing world.”

    “I’m a bit different to Matt”, Karla says, “It’s actually the second time that I was most proud of. I had actually made the final in the same competition in 2010 with my previous partner. But making the final a second time felt like such a massive achievement because I had changed partners and done it all over again. It felt like I had proved something to myself, that my hard work and my dancing was responsible for my success.”

    Karla also has a second best moment!

    Karla says, “It was taking part in the British Open (Blackpool) Invitation Professional Team Match where I was chosen to represent Australasia. Only two Latin couples are honoured with this invitation each year. The Team Match is the highlight of the week-long festival where different countries match off against each other in Ballroom and Latin. It was such an amazing experience to take part in it, and it was even more special to be able to share that moment with Matt as he was the invited Team Captain for that year.”